Sensational Sari

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SARI is an Indian traditional outfit which is absolutely sensational as you can wear a sari and look traditional, elegant, sexy and beautiful all at the same time.  Since a sari can be customised to your own needs so you can have full sleeve arms or strapless blouse, heavy embroidery or translucent material or you could combine traditional and western features together.  Have a look at Bollywood beauties embrace a sari in different ways and look stunning as ever…


She is the world’s most beautiful woman and when she dresses to perfection then you do not know whether to look at her gorgeous face or beautiful sari?

The full sleeve blouse gives a trendy look to the sari, the transparent layer of the sari gives it a sexy look and the black bottom of the sari gives it a traditional look.  Hence, the combination of trendy, sexy and traditional topped with the most beautiful face makes the look sensational!


Kat is known for her glamorous image from her roles where she has been mostly seen in western outfits such as, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, Namastey London, and Partner.

However, when Katrina walks out in a traditional sari, minimalist make up and beautiful smile then you can clearly see the sensational effect of a traditional sari!

The dark blue and golden embroidery edge of the sari stands out on the red colour very well; having contrasting colours gives the sari a striking effect


She knows fashion too well which is why she gets it right again and again.  Bips chooses a very trendy blouse with the broad shoulder effect which reflects the latest trend of shoulder pads.  Also, the full sleeve translucent arms and the slight view of her toned stomach gives the sari a sensationally sexy appeal!


Bebo is a fashion icon for India as she knows how to make any outfit look sexy.  She looks stunningly glamorous in her translucent, bright pink sari with golden embroidery.

Kareena shows that if you have the toned figure then you should allow the sari to show your curves and figure by wearing a strap blouse and translucent material sari.


Lolo looks elegantly sexy in her white strapless blouse and fully embroidered sari.  The strapless blouse showcases her shoulder bones beautifully and the choice of a white coloured sari combines well her radiant skin.

When you first look at Karishma in her white sari then you can easily be mistaken that she is wearing a fully embroidered gown.  This is the sensational magic of a sari as you can look elegantly traditional or sensationally sexy by giving it the touch of western.

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