Peepli LIVE selected for Oscars

PEEPLI [LIVE] proved to be a blockbuster movie when it grossed Rs 4 crores on Friday which was released over 600 screens in India.  This super-hit movie proved that A-list actors/actresses, glamorous locations, designer costumes, fine music or fantastic action does not make a movie a blockbuster hit, yet it is the story and how the story is put across to the audience, hence the direction is important too.

Of course, AAMIR KHAN [producer] was delighted about the overwhelming response to the movie from India but he is over the moon with PEEPLI [LIVE] being selected for the Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category.

In the past, AAMIR’S Lagaan, Rang De Basanti and Taare Zameen Par have been selected for the Oscars yet Lagaan was the only movie which was shortlisted.  PEEPLI [LIVE] and Lagaan share a similarity of both the movies being about farmers, yet apart from this one similarity, the stories are completely different.

With PEEPLI [LIVE] being selected for the Oscars, it has given Bollywood another opportunity to show their fine cinema skills to the World which is an honour for India and it is all thanks to the perfectionist AAMIR KHAN again!

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