Peepli [Live] Controversy

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PEEPLI [LIVE] has been a huge box office hit, since it has achieved approximately Rs. 15.5 crores within its opening weekend across India only.  The BLOCKBUSTER movie had grossed Rs 4 crores on Friday only when it was released by UTV Motion Pictures in more than 600 screens within India.

Of course, this news is not too shocking when you know that this was an AAMIR KHAN production; his superior intelligence and knowledge of the film industry has been proved once again.  This man only touches the films which he believes in and those films often break box office records and make his fans love him more than ever.  However, AAMIR KHAN took the risk of producing PEEPLI [LIVE] which has a social genre and no A-list names attached to it and after knowing the massive success of the film then the risk was worth taking!

Nevertheless, everything has two sides- good and bad; the success of the PEEPLI [LIVE] is the good thing but the controversy related to the film is the bad thing.  The controversy relates to plagiarism over the song, ‘Chola mati ke ram’ which is part of this blockbuster movie.  However, the movie does not credit or thank Gangaram Siwar who is from Chhattisgarh and he is the original lyricist and singer of the song.  Hence, the villagers of Chhattisgarh are protesting for their due in the success of the film in which their song was used.  I saw the news regarding this controversy which showed Aamir Khan’s posters are being burnt and protestors are yelling in fury.

However, it has been reported that the rights for the song were achieved officially before using the song in the movie, so the villagers of Chhattisgarh are protesting unnecessarily.

Personally, I would say that the film has carried off the fragile social issue very well and it has achieved incredibly huge amounts of profit so it will not harm them by distributing a small percentage of the profit with the villagers, who can use the money for the better.  What do you think? Should the villagers be given a share of the profit or should they be ignored?

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  • Suveena

    Surely, give the villagers a share of the profit!

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