Ladies: Is Your Fashion In Line With Your Body?

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There are different colours for different seasons, different occasions for different religions, different skills for different professions and the list can go on forever. One more addition to the list will be there are different fashion styles for different body shapes.  Of course, everyone has their own individual fashion sense and they like to wear what they think that looks good on them. However, it is important that each girl dresses herself in accordance with her body shape. I believe if you know your body type well and dress accordingly then each outfit will make a statement and each outfit will bring compliments.

The latest fashion trend at the moment is shoulder pads which are great to wear if you are smaller from the top but you have wide hips. Since shoulder pads help to balance wide hips by performing a wider shoulder frame. Also, each girl wants to have her curves in the right places; broad shoulders, slim waist and wide hips. These gorgeous body contours are seen in high street fashion models, celebrities and athletes; however you can achieve this awesome body by wearing shoulder-pads, with a body hugging top to show off the slim waist and a fuller skirt to widen hips beautifully. Personally, I love this type of look as it produces gorgeous symmetrical figure which is to die for!

Also, if you desire to look taller then you should wear clothes with solid colours and simple lines or cuts as they can help add inches to your height. Plus, personally, I wear slim and straight leg jeans with towering heels which help to lengthen your legs making you look taller. Most celebrities are seen wearing silhouettes in strong colours like black, brown, grey or red which make you look and feel taller, but they have another benefit of hiding a thick waist.

Most people say that if you have heavy hips then you should not wear fitted and short outfits, especially mini dresses as they emphasise your hips. However, I disagree with this perception as you have Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce from Hollywood and there is Malaika Arora Khan, Katrina Kaif and Twinkle Khanna from Bollywood who have heavy hips but they have worn body-hugging, mini dresses on various occasions. And, without any doubt, they have totally rocked the outfit, looking absolutely stunning, sexy and elegant! So, I would say that those with heavy hips should not hesitate to wear short and fitted outfits and commit the crime of hiding their toned legs. Yet, if you must wear short outfits, be careful with the outfits length by making sure it is not too short and balance the outfit’s colour; wear light shades where you are small and dark shades where you are larger or broader.

Tell me about your personal tips and fashion sense and how you dress in accordance to your body shape.

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