Kim K: Before and Now

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KIM KARDASHIAN is famous for her curvy and toned figure and great fashion sense, she seems to look stunning in each and every outfit that she steps out in which forces girls to envy her fine fashion sense and guys to adore her amazing figure and admire her love for fashion.  However, there is a saying that ‘fashion sense only comes with time’ and KIM KARDASHIAN has proved this saying very true, as she did not always have the best fashion sense.  Have a look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of KIM and notice how much her fashion sense have changed for the better!

WHITE DRESS: Without any question, Kim can carry off a white dress now than her previous days, since her outfit from the earlier days does not showcase her curves correctly whereas now she knows how to flaunt her curvaceous figure in a short white dress!

JEANS WEAR: Kim seems to have learnt that it is not best to match everything to have a good outfit!

BLACK DRESS: Kim’s fashion sense has become more sophisticated over the years; since her earlier black dress appearance is quite trendy whereas Kim wears a longer dress, black heels and hair tied into a bun in her recent appearance.

SKIRT LOOK: Kim has learnt that longer skirts make her look shorter so it is best to wear short skirts to showcase her sexy legs!

STRIPES LOOK: Over the years, Kim has become more confident in wearing stripers which is shown by her confident pose and face in her recent picture, whereas Kim looks quite shy in her earlier picture.

PARTY RED DRESS: In her earlier days, Kim seemed to try very hard to look sexy and did not quite succeed whereas now, she has become a lot confident and happier with her body and her fashion sense has enhanced immensely; so, she looks absolutely beautiful in her one-shoulder red gown.

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