Karishma vs Kareena

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KARISHMA KAPOOR and KAREENA KAPOOR are absolutely gorgeous beauties with fine talent and great fashion sense.  Both of the Bollywood actresses have always attracted attention towards their stunning appearance and both of them have been my favourites!

However, the sisters have quite different fashion sense, since Bebo (Kareena Kapoors nickname) does not fear to wear colours and set trends yet Lolo (Karishma Kapoor’s nickname) prefers to dress with elegance wearing safe colours such as black and white!

Both the sisters have radiant and flawless complexion which stands out in their black dresses.  Personally, I like Karishma better in the black outfit as she looks more glamorous whereas Kareena is lacking a neckacle or earings to add spark to her outfit.

Both of the Kapoor sisters look nice in shirts that it is difficult to choose which one looks better.  Personally, I prefer Karishma’s floral black and white shirt and minimalist makeup with sunglasses to hold her hair back; it is a perfect smart casual summer outfit.

The sisters step out in casual tops and jeans and they look glamorous as always.  I would choose Kareena here as she chooses a sporty look wearing trainers and casual top yet she still looks hot!

Karishma looks elegantly beautiful in her one-shoulder dress, earings and wavy hair.  Whereas, Kareena looks striking in her colourful dress, straightened hair and confident pose.  I prefer the confidence and colours reflected with Kareena’s appearance.

Undoubtedly, Karishma and Kareena have fine fashion sense, perfect body contours, radiant complexion, silky long hair and fine talents so it is difficult to choose which one of these two sisters is better.  Since, both of them carry off their own fashion style beautifully, yet if I was to choose then it would be Kareena Kapoor who is absolutely stunning with strong features, perfect body, and has confidence of wearing colours and amazing acting talent.

Let me know if you love Karishma or Kareena better…

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  • Yasmin

    Yes they’re the most beautiful star siblings in Bollywood. They may also the most beautiful women in India. My personal vote goes to Karisma Kapoor. She’s naturally beautiful, if you saw her earlier movies like Jigar, Anari & Dhanwaan you can see her beautiful face with less make up. Her eyes are her forte though. She’s been responsible for changing classic beauty in 90s to chic-sporty beauty in 2000s. Kareena herself said her sister is her beauty inspiration. So Karisma wins all the way!

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