Kareena Kapoor Vs Katrina Kaif

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We have already looked at DEEPIKA PADUKONE and PRIYANKA CHOPRA posing for the top magazines and Deepika won most of my votes for the Best Cover.  So, let’s look at KAREENA KAPOOR and KATRINA KAIF modelling for A-list magazines and let’s see who gets most of my votes!

Undoubtedly, BEBO and KAT are extremely successful, they are sensuously beautiful, and they have radiant complexion and an endless list of blockbusters and awards behind their well established names.  So, it is obvious that all magazines would be lined up to sign BEBO and KAT to appear on their cover to increase their sales!  I have gathered some of their recent magazine covers and compared them deciding which is better…


Both the ELLE covers are similar with the beauties wearing western outfits displayed on a white background.  However, I admire Bebo’s cover more as I love her trendy outfit, simple makeup and casual hair; she looks youthfully glamourous.


Both these covers are distinct in many ways; the look, concept, outfits and makeup.  Personally, I love Kat’s cover as she wears minimalist makeup which showcases her sensuous natural beauty.  Although, Kat is wearing basic vest and shorts yet she attracts more attention than Bebo’s revealing outfit.


Kat’s cover is absolutely beautiful as it reflects her beauty truly which combines well the concept of India’s Most Beautiful Women.  Often, the World has an illusion that Indian women are decked up in traditional jewellery, makeup and colourful outfits which makes them beautiful.  However, Kat proves this illusion wrong by wearing minimalist makeup, waving her natural black hair and wearing a simple outfit yet looking glamourous.  Whereas, Bebo’s cover is an anniversay special so you would expect colour, excitement and celebration yet it is black & white which is not too appealing!


Both the actresses look immensely glamourous with their volumised hair, beaded neckacles and sexy outfits.  However, I admire Katrina’s cover as she looks elegantly beautiful, her eyes reflect confidence, her posture is well poised and the use of the colour purple makes the cover appealing.  Contrastingly, I do not like Kareena’s hair as it seems unbrushed and her weight loss makes her head look bigger!


These are two different magazines however I have brought them together as both the actresses are appearing on the covers with Bollywood’s top actors.  Undoutedly, Katrina’s cover wins my vote as she looks astonishing in the arms of Hrithik Roshan; Kat’s looks are a tough competitor with the looks of heartrob Hrithik Roshan.  Also, both Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif are wearing smart casual wear which is appropriate for the Spring which makes the cover successful.  Whereas, I feel the outfits of Saif Ali Khan and Bebo do not combine well together, as Saif is dressed for an award show yet Bebo is dressed for the beach.  So, their outfits do not combine well and Kareena seems to be trying too hard to attract attention!

So, I believe KATRINA KAIF is a clear winner on 4 out of 5 covers, yet let me know what you think and if your views differ…

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