Kareena Kapoor’s Transformation

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KAREENA KAPOOR is Bollywood’s most beautiful, hottest and talented actress who has developed her acting abilities over her 10 years in the Indian film industry and she has completely transformed her appearance too.  KAREENA has not always looked stunningly gorgeous neither has she had the best fashion sense in her earlier days.  When you see Bebo’s earlier pictures then you would have never thought that she would have come out to be as beautiful and stylish as she is today!

Kareena Kapoor’s complexion has always been radiant- thanks for her fine genes.  Yet, her face is more toned which could be due to maturity of age and power of yoga!

Without any question, Kareena can carry off animal print outfits now than earlier in her days. Her outfit in 2004 is very loose which hides her stunning figure, whereas her appearance in 2009 is very glamorous with her hair-do, neckackle and minimalism makeup!

Kareena’s face has changed quite abit over the years, since her eyes look quite beady and face looks wide in her 2001 image. Whereas, her eyes look big and face looks a lot smaller in her 2009 image.

Kareena was over-weight in 2004 and the image below reflects that she had a terrible dress sense too; since her outfit does not compliment her over-curvy figure at all. However, Bebo looks absolutely beautiful in her 2009 image with her shiny long hair and radiant purple dress which shows off her broad and toned shoulders very well!

What do you think of Kareena’s transformation of weight, fashion and appearance over the years?

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