How To Dress Like Your Favorite TV Character

You don’t need to look much further than your television set to be inspired by some terrific fashion designs. There are some truly well-dressed television characters out there, who combine grace with strength, intelligence, and a sense of fun. Let’s take a look at just a few well-loved characters to get a sense of what we can take away from their wardrobe, for use in our own lives.

Olivia Pope: Scandal

Olivia’s wardrobe is one that flawlessly combines femininity with power. Where some characters might choose darker colors such as black and navy in order to emphasize the notion that they’re not to be messed with, Olivia’s choices are more subdued, indicating that she has nothing to prove to anyone.

Bryan Collins: The New Normal

Men, take note. It’s okay to want to look good, and Collins’ wardrobe is a great example of this. He makes some unorthodox choices with regards to color, indicating that tried-and-true is not always better. Bold pairings of patterns also add to the ensemble, making his outfits a great choice for the man who wants a look that says confidence and fun at the same time. For more men’s fashion ideas, visit the Reem clothing menswear blog.

Rachel Berry: Glee

The season four version of Rachel, thriving in her New York City home, adopted some truly spectacular wardrobe choices. Embracing the skin is in mentality, Rachel’s clothing choices emphasize her long legs while still giving off the impression that she’s not to be underestimated.

Kate Beckett: Castle

Kate is another character whose fashion unconsciously tell onlookers that she is a strong, independent woman, and she barely has to try. Her clothes are decidedly realistic, and keep with her character’s nature as a modern day police detective. Even though she favors dark and powerful colors, her choices still manage to maintain certain feminine touches.

Oliver Queen: Arrow

Whether he’s wearing the iconic Arrow costume or street clothes, Oliver always looks great. His finely tailored suits give the impression of power, yet still retain a touch of elegance. Of course, his selection of leather jackets scream a masculine sense of bold style applicable for any man.

This is just a brief look, but each of these fashionable characters help to remind us that movie stars aren’t the only ones who can use fashion to identify themselves. Take a note from them and use similar aspects of style in your own wardrobe.

Author Bio: Brooke Chaplan is a writer and loves to blog about TV fashions and how to replicate them in your own closet.

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