Hollywood’s Top 5 Most Dramatic Celebrity Male Haircuts

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Hollywood is known for leading the latest fashion and trends, often coming out with both the latest runway looks to fresh new hairstyles. For some, there have been dramatic haircuts that have been difficult to forget for the leading men in Tinseltown. Between fresh cuts to longer styles, male celebrities have had plenty of fun creating new looks that are refreshingly modern.

1. Robert Pattinson

Although Robert Pattinson was the leading heartthrob in Hollywood, he quickly diminished in appeal when he cut his lush locks and got what many assumed to be an accident of a haircut. Half of his hair was messily shaved, while the top was long and looked to be too messy for a look that made him seemingly not care.

2. Justin Bieber

Every teenage girl in both Canada and the U.S. was shocked when Justin Bieber cut his famous mane that was long and casually fell in front of his face. Beiber opted for a shorter cut that was edgy and a bit more mature, which his fans seemed to quickly become accustomed to with time.

3. Brad Pitt

Known as the most gorgeous man in Hollywood, Brad Pitt recently took center stage for cutting his long hair that has grown past in his shoulders in recent years. Although the A-lister was seen in recent films with the longer ‘do in films that included World War Z and The Counselor, but recently cut it off for a shorter and cleaner style. The new cut is something that would easily be done at a barber shop.

4. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has a new blow-dried look that is refreshing, but still masculine with a rugged, yet polished cut. His stylist was aiming for a look that was wild, yet still had a bit of shape to it for something that looked similar to his Wolverine days. (According to the owner of a popular Freehold Barber Shop, this style is becoming more prevalent among the ever day man.) His beard has even transitioned with a bit of gray in it for a mature look that is handsome and plenty mature.

5. Liev Schreiber

Liev’s new look includes plenty on top and the sides shaved, particularly a two on the sides and three on the top for a look that is easy to maintain and style on a daily basis. The look compliments the star’s face shape and portrays a classic Hollywood hairstyle that is clean-cut.

Author Bio: Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters.

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