Guest Post: Best And Worst Red Carpet Looks Of The Year So Far

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Angelina Jolie

The Primetime Emmy awards are set to be held on Sunday, September 23.  For many entertainment journalists, the primary focus for them will be the winners and losers.  Will “Mad Men” surrender its four year reign on the Best Drama Series category?

Can Claire Danes pull off the upset in the Best Actress category for her wildly acclaimed performance in the show “Homeland?”  Just which one of the four nominated actors from “Modern Family” will win the Best Supporting Actor prize?  Hollywood careers can be made or indeed broken by award shows like this.

For millions of other spectators who couldn’t care less about the industry aspect of the proceedings, the Emmys, and other award shows of the like, represent something entirely different: A chance to see their favorite stars glam it up on the red carpet. Not entirely dissimilar to an award, a great and/or interesting red carpet look can spark industry attention. That’s why today’s biggest stars put a lot of work into finding the right dress, the right diamonds and the right gig before they step on the red carpet and face the barrage of flashing lights. Unfortunately, with the passing of the Emmys, the awards season of 2012 will see its close. Thankfully, it’s given us a bevy of exhilarating, and sometimes embarrassing, looks.  Here are some of the best and worst red carpet looks of 2012.



Emily Blunt (Screen Actors Guild Awards)

Emily Blunt

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

In recent years, many stars have taken the conservative route with colors, and stuck to black or white.  Thankfully, the luminous Emily Blunt took to the SAG awards red carpet wearing a stunning neon green dress designed by Oscar de la Renta and livened up the proceedings.

Angelina Jolie (Academy Awards)

Angelina Jolie

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

The feminine half of Brangelina always attracts a whirlwind of attention every time she graces a red carpet, but never before has one of her dresses prompted mockery by winners at the ceremony and its own twitter page. I guess that’s what happens when you wear a Versace gown with a slit so high your leg is on brave display no matter the camera angle.  Jokes that followed aside, this outfit was a real head-turner.

Kelli O’Hara (Tony Awards)

Kelli O'Hara

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

It’s rare not to see this musical star on the best dressed list for this particular ceremony, but she really pulled out all the stops this year. Wearing a sparkling metallic grey dress courtesy of Carmen Marc Valvo, O’Hara demonstrated why she has so many fans that follow her just like the flowing train.

Rihanna (Grammy Awards)


Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

The Grammys don’t necessarily adhere to the same rules of dress that the other award shows do.  There’s no way Jennifer Lopez could have gotten away with her famed 2000 Versace number that left little to the imagination at any other show.  Yet Rihanna came dressed to impress in her classic and sleek Armani dress.  Sporting dyed blonde hair and enough cleavage to rival the aforementioned J. Lo, the pop star once again stunned television audiences across America.

Sofia Vergara (Golden Globes)

Sofia Vergara

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

It’s hard to have a best dressed or most beautiful women list without including this Columbian bombshell.  Her blue mermaid gown designed by Vera Wang exemplified just why that is. There are some canvasses you simply cannot go wrong with.



Emma Stone (Academy Awards)

Emma Stone

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

It’s hard for me to be critical of this ingenue in any way shape or form, as I’ve been an adoring fan ever since she charmed audiences nationwide in “Easy A,” but this GiambattistaValli gown simply doesn’t work. The dress is fine in certain respects, but when you have to take the excess material of the dress and awkwardly crumple it up to fit it on one shoulder, something has gone wrong.

Piper Perabo (Golden Globes)

Piper Perabo

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. No one wants a bigger cell phone. College students don’t want a bigger final exam, and red carpets don’t need dresses big enough to store all of the nominees in case of a nuclear winter. Piper Perabo and designer J. Mandel apparently did not get this memo.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Image source (via Zack Mandell): Getty Images

There are some stars we expect, indeed gleefully anticipate eccentric fashion choices from.  Think back to Bjork’s infamous swan dress. Rap sensation Nicki Minaj has become one such star. That still doesn’t forgive this outfit, which looks as though it was inspired by a kid on a bad acid trip while attending mass.  What can you really say about an outfit for which the best accessory is the dude hired to dress up as the pope?

Zack Mandell is a movie enthusiast, writer of movie reviews, and owner of which has great information on actresses such as Emily Blunt. He writes extensively about the movie industry for sites such as Gossip Center, Yahoo, NowPublic, and Helium.

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