Fashion For Summer 2010

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The trendy look for summer 2010 is short hair which is supported by many of the A-list celebrities internationally, whether it is Former Miss Universe, Former Miss World, Beautiful Models or Talented Singers!  Being in the limelight all of the time, it is important for the celebrities to keep updated with the latest fashion trends to ensure their clothes, hair or shoes are not outdated and a Fashion-Faux Pa!  The look for this Summer is certainly the short hair look which is reflected by many Beauty Queens….


Former Miss Universe has had short hair most of her career.  However, with the short hair look being the latest fashion trend, LARA DUTTA has chopped her short hair to be shorter, which makes the beautiful actress look even more glamorous!  LARA proves that Indian women do not always have long hair yet they can have short hair and look as beautiful as ever!


Former Miss World follows latest fashion trends successfully and she looks cute yet stunning in her short hair look. Personally, I prefer PRIYANKA in shorter hair than long hair as short hair makes her look more stylish and young, keep it up PRIYANKA!


There is no question to the sensuous beauty of BIPASHA BASU and her fine instinct of fashion.  The beautiful model-turned-actress seems to never get the fashion wrong, no matter what she wears or what hair she has yet she looks stunning in every way!  So, BIPASHA’S short hair makes her look gorgeous as usual, which is supported by a side fringe and curved feathers at the front.


Honestly, it was sad to know that DIA MIRZA has chopped off her beautiful long hair.  However, the stunning actress continues to look gorgeous with her new short hair look which suits her very well.  Her look is very similar to BIPASHA BASU and it is hard to decide which one of these two actresses looks hotter with their new hair-do!


The Singer certainly needed a change as she had supported her beautiful long hair for a while.  Actually, it would be correct to say that the Fashion Icon had supported her expensive hair extensions for a while!  Anyways, I love CHERYL’S new wavy, voluminous hair-do as it is very trendy and youthful!


The beautiful model stated on Daily Mail, I got bored as we all do once in a while as girls. Whenever I get bored I change it. I grow it then cut it, grow it then cut it.’ Well, HEIDI KLUM certainly got her short hair done for the right time, as the short look is the latest fashion trend!  Although, HEIDI is a wife and mum yet her new hair-do makes her look younger and graceful!

What do you think of the latest short hair trend?  Would you be chopping off your hair to follow the latest trend?

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  • Melisha

    I will not be chopping my hair, but i think it only suits certain people. :D

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