Deepika Padukone Vs Priyanka Chopra

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DEEPIKA PADUKONE and PRIYANKA CHOPRA are the bombshells of Bollywood as the industry and audience admire their tall and toned figures, beautiful hair and gorgeous faces!  Both these Beauty Queens are doing very well in their careers hence they are working with the best of directors, endorsing best of products and appearing on all the top magazines.  So, I have gathered most of their recent magazine covers and compared them to decide which is better!


Both are wearing western dresses yet I admire Deepika’s cover shoot more as she looks elegantly beautiful; her makeup, hair, outfit and posture reflect graceful panache.


Theme of both of the covers differ; Deepika wears a romantic dress with classical hair-do and Priyanka wears a sexy fashionable outfit with trendy hair.  Personally, I love Priyanka’s cover more as she takes the risk of portraying such craziness by wearing a trendy wig and outfit, yet she succeeds as she looks very sexy.


Undoubtedly, Deepika’s cover wins here as she looks extremely glamourous.  There is no question to why she was such a successful model as she is photogenic and she knows how to model; her face, body and hands are very well poised.


Deepika’s cover shoot is absolutely striking; she has the toned figure to carry off the swimsuit and her confident facial expression combines well with the cheetah effect (cheetah’s are confident and striking!)  Whereas, with Priyanka’s cover then I do not like her hair-do and facial expression which does not seem to express power or seductiveness!


Both of the beauties look astonishing which makes it is tough to choose any one particular.  Since, Deepika’s cover is about minimalistic look so the makeup is very natural yet she still looks luxurious with her hair-do and outfit.  Constrastingly, Priyanka’s cover is about ‘partying’ so her poise, smile and outfit reflects her partying mood which makes the cover successful.  However, if I was to choose one then I would go for Deepika’s cover, since I love the confidence in which she photographs!

I believe Deepika wins on 4 out of 5 covers yet let me know if your views differ…

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  • Jessica

    COSMOPOLITAN- Love Deepika’s pose and dress
    VOGUE- Priyanka’s look is stunning
    FILMFARE- Deepika’s hair is amazing
    HARPER’S BAZAAR- Priyanka’s makeup and hair is stylish
    VERVE- Love Priyanka’s dress is gorgeous and her smile is cute!

    Priyanka wins on 3 out of 5!

    • Melisha

      I agree with Jessica for all the above ^ however for Vogue I think Deepika looks better because Priyanka’s short hair does not suit her.

      • Jessica

        Thanks Melisha :D

        • Melisha

          No problem ;)

  • laiba

    deepika is the best

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