Celebrity Privacy Invasion

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Is anyone else sick or the media invading the privacy of celebrities? Recently Tiger Woods has been in the media for things that have nothing to do with what he does for his profession or sports, but they are looking into his private life. He crashed his car? So what! He had an affair? So what! Have we has a nation become so miserable with our own lives that we have to pry into the lives of the famous.

Tiger Woods is not the only one to have had this issue with the media, he has kept a low profile and his private life has never made the papers until know, but I do think some celebrity’s cannot expect to have it both ways. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have been paid millions for their wedding pictures by magazines. Once you have put yourself into the magazine like that and the public have paid money to see them, they will want to know everything that goes on their lives.

There ARE limitations that should exist, and that certain over-zealous (obsessive?) fans and/or photographers and/or reporters have a leaning to overstep. When that happens, it’s wrong

I think has human beings we all make mistakes but most of the mistakes we make in our lives will not even make the papers. Can you imagine not even being able to look out your window at home without paparazzi taking your picture?

I know laws have changed in the last 5 years. Some well known high profile court cases have changed what newspapers can write about.  Personally I have never been interested in the private life of celebrities; I do think there more pressing issues in the world.

I think that as soon as a celebrity is “off the clock” so to speak, that what they do in the privacy of their own homes is no one’s business but their own. I don’t deem that a celebrity is exposed of each bit of their privacy merely because they are famous; celebs are as at liberty to a private life, and to perform responsibilities of private business as anyone else is.

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