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Where are some of the best places to spot celebrities on a Friday night? Most venues tend to be centered in London, and can range from exclusive clubs with invite only areas, through to local pubs and bars.

Wander around London long enough on a weekend, and particularly in Chelsea, Kensington, and Soho, and chances ae you’ll see someone famous. However, if you want to try and work out some of the best places to spot celebs on a regular basis, then it’s worth knowing the best hang outs. Although you might not always be able to get into places, you can improve your chances by getting on guest lists in advance, and by booking VIP spaces in clubs with a group of friends.

Pubs and Bars

In terms of pubs and bars where you can try and spot celebrities, Aquum in Clapham is particularly known for being a haunt for footballers, and particularly Ashley Cole. If you want to take a peek at some visiting celebrities and a regular crowd, then the Bar at the Dorchester Hotel is consistently popular (although you may want to avoid actually buying something at the bar). Park Lane and Mayfair are pretty reliable on a Friday night for parties and special events. Hotel bars like the Dorchester and the Embassy Mayfair tend to attract a lot of celebrities on their holiday, as well as more local residents.

Not everything happens in West London, however, and if you want more of a chance of spotting a celebrity relaxing at their local, then places like the Duke of Hamilton in Hampstead can be visited for a chance to see actors like Pierce Brosnan. Shoreditch in East London is also popular with fashion and music figures, with the Golden Heart pub on Commercial Street particularly recommended as a spot for Kate Moss. Up in Camden, The Hawley Arms is a consistent spot for musicians, as is the Sugar Hut in Fulham, which can occasionally attract royalty.


Clubs are a bit harder to get into on a Friday night, and many celebrity spots are members’ only. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t try to get onto a guestlist, or wander past on a night to see who’s coming out. Again, Mayfair and Kensington are fairly reliable, with Annabel’s and Boujis popular. Soho on a Friday night also tends to be a popular destination for the paparazzi, with Chinawhite, The Box, and Punk being popular. Some places, like The Groucho Club in Soho, are members only, so unless you know someone who’s already in there, chances are you’ll have to watch from a distance. Other clubs worth investigating include JuJu in Chelsea, a haunt for footballers, Cafe de Paris, the Indian restaurant The Red Fort in Soho, and nearby Movida.

Outside of London, it can be easier to find celebrities in larger clubs and popular pubs. Brighton’s recommended for its large celebrity population, with the Black House Bar popular.  Alternatively, places like Manchester tend to attract a lot of footballers and local celebrities to places like Cloud 23 at the Hilton, and to the River Bar and Restaurant at the Lowry Hotel. In terms of general tips, check club pages for local events and parties, and keep up to date with new guest lists in London and chances to get invites to VIP areas online.

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