Celebrity Fashion And Tattoo – Two Inseparable Words


Numerous celebrities around the world are not only famous to us for their skills in various fields, but also for their display of latest fashion, that surely turns our head from time to time. The concept of tattoo has gone parallel with the world of celebrities. It has been noticed that there are very few celebrities (like Michael Jordan) who have not inked any part of their body.

Therefore, let’s take a sneak peek at the famous designs of celebrity tattoos. After all, we follow their fashion, so, why not the tattoos.

Signs and Symbols

These are the most common designs that are used by celebrities around the world to ink themselves with. The famous football star David Beckham has 32 tattoos of which, some are Christian symbols. In 2011, he inked his upper left chest with Jesus being carried by three cherubs who represent his three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

Lady Gaga, the famous singer, also has a fetish for tattoos and has inked the inside part of her left wrist with the Peace sign. This part has been dedicated to John Lennon.

Miley Cyrus, a popular celebrity, also got herself inked in 2011 on her right wrist.


Phrases are the most dominant things in the fashion world after the signs and symbols. The first name that comes in the mind of people who are aware of the beautiful world of fashion and tattoos is Angelina Jolie. She has a Gothic phrase saying “Know Your Rights” inked between her shoulder blades. Even the shoulder blades are Buddhist phrases.

Just like her hubby, Victoria Beckham too has inked herself with several tattoos. The most famous one is the tattoo that runs from her neck down to the back, and is a Hebrew quote taken from The Old Testament.

All the boys from the band One Direction have inked themselves with latest tattoos. But, Zayn Malik has a craze for phrases and has recently opted for a phrase inked just above the upper left chest.

Famous singer Rihanna too, has got herself inked with several tattoos, most of which are phrases.


Animals and other wild creatures are becoming more and more popular as a number of celebrities are opting for them. For example, Johnny Depp, the famous ‘Jack Sparrow’, has opted for a sparrow. Again, Millie Mackintosh has got herself inked with butterflies.

The heartthrob among young generation from One Direction, Harry, has opted for a tattoo of two swallows on his chest.

Cara Delevingne got herself inked for the first time in May, 2013 with a lion’s head on her right index finger. Therefore, with time, we might be able to see more and more animals ruling the world of tattoo and fashion.

If you are thinking of getting yourself inked, you can avail any one of the above designs. Needless to say, the tattoo designs, that are popular among celebrities, will definitely make you popular among your near and dear ones.

Celebrity fashion and tattoo has worked in an integrated manner for a long time. So, if you are thinking of opting for a tattoo, just like your favorite celebrity, it’s quite a great time for you.

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