Celebrity Big Brother – Alex Reid Wins Final

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Celebrity Big Brother has finished once again. There seemed to be an interesting mix of people this time including self confessed hard man Vinnie Jones, Sisqo, cage fighter Alex and the actor from Usual Suspects Stephen Baldwin to name a few.

The house had a remake with things like a slaughterhouse type kitchen, a chic bathroom and a very comfortable looking snug area. I did like exploring the behind the scenes psychology that goes into the design of social engineering putting the house design together having studied psychology at college. I believe experiments such as Ash’s conformity experiment had been trialled along with Zimbardo’s prison experiment testing people’s abuse of authority and conformity.

A bit about the characters, Vinnie Jones the ex footballer who played for Leeds and Wimbledon, renowned for being a tough guy who later on starred in Hollywood films making a first appearance in Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Then there’s Sisqo known by everyone for the very famous ‘Thong’ song, who can forget the hot ladies from the video. The cage fighter Alex is the boyfriend of Katie Price Aka Jordan and there has been speculation about him and Dane Bowers having a scrap in a pre Big Brother Party which was denied by both. Then there’s the devout Christian and Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin who seems to be a very interesting character as he had started preaching to many house-mates and I believe it was only a matter of time before somebody confronted him.

The girls included Ivana Trump, ex wife of Donald Trump, Katia Ivanova is the ex girlfriend of Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood, British rapper Lady Sovereign and the obvious Page Three model selection of Nicola Tappenden who seemed a bit dull thus far. The ladies in the house have been a disappointment in terms of intelligence and general viewing pleasure, some surprise introductions into the house may have spiced things up!

Now onto my original prediction as to who should’ve won it, I know from previous episodes that the demographic that watched it were largely female which lead me to think the winner will be male. I was right! I think the public do like the true English person and I believe that Vinnie Jones represented this image. I also thought that the cage fighter will give him a close run for his money as he came across as a bit of a gentlemen and someone who had been portrayed negatively in the media. I was right again! ;-)

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