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COSMOPOLITAN is an internationally well-established magazine that gets the best celebrities to appear on their cover.  When celebrities appear on COSMOPOLITAN then they look their best which forces their fans to buy that particular issue! Personally, I do not purchase magazines regularly yet if I do then I look at which magazine has the best cover and I am sure most of you do the same.

Here are few of my favourite celebrities appearing on the COSMOPOLITAN cover:


KAREENA looks absolutely stunning in her dress outfit and brown hair.  I love the way her cheekbones are showing and how her figure looks so beautifully toned!


JESSICA looks very sexy in her cover pose, the body hugging top and tights showcase her curvy and toned figure!


BIPS looks glamorous in her pink dress and curly hair; I love the power that her eyes are reflecting!


SONAM certainly knows how to photo well which she illustrates in each and every picture! She looks elegantly beautiful wearing her black dress and beautiful long hair!


ANGELINA’s features look striking in her magazine cover and I adore the confidence in which she is posing!


DEEPIKA brings the Indian touch to COSMOPOLITAN and she pulls it off incredibly well.  She looks stunningly beautiful and her brown highlights of her hair combine well with her orange outfit!
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