Are Celebs Really Beautiful?

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We love celebrities, we want celebrities’ outfits, we envy celebrities’ hair, we love celebrities’ body contours, we wish to earn like celebrities and the list goes on and on!  When girls are young they have a dream to have a happy ending like Cinderella, they want to have gorgeous voluminous hair like Mermaid and they want to be saved by their Prince Charming like Snow-White!

However, when girls grow up,the princess in their dreams is replaced by celebrities, yet is it good to look up to the ‘so called’ beauty of celebrities? Since I have learnt that no celebrity has been truly beautiful from their early days; as if you search for any celebrities’ before-after pictures then you will visibly see the huge transformation.

My personal favourite celebrities are Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian however are they truly beautiful?


In the UK, it would be hard to believe that Cheryl Cole did not top any beauty or best dressed poll.  Since, this beautiful singer is at the peak of her career with her solo music career kicked off well, great success achieved as the X Factor judge and the immense influence that she has on every girl and woman!  Of course, it is not an easy job to retain the ‘Best Dressed’ crown in Glamour Poll 2010 as being fashionable is not simple and Cheryl Cole’s transformation reflects how fashion sense comes with time.  As the celebrity did not start off as a fashion icon since she had her bad days in her early days!

Nevertheless, the gorgeous singer is known for her fashion style today and I must compliment her styling sense.  Personally, I love her voluminous hair, great fashion sense, stylish shoes and trendy handbags and beautiful smile.  However, it has been reported by the Daily Mail newspaper that Cheryl Cole spent £4000 a year on hair extensions, £9,500 on her smile and £36,000 on her exercise bike.  Also, Cheryl Cole uses L’Oreal’s skincare products for cleansing and moisturising and if a regular person was to buy those L’Oreal products then it was cost minimum of £500 monthly! So, would you still call Cheryl Cole beautiful by knowing the large lumps of money that she spends to look beautiful?


Kim Kardashian stars on her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians which is broadcasted on E! Entertainment. There is no doubt that Kim K is beautiful with a stunning curvy body which encourages girls to admire their curves and flaunt them!  Glamorous Kim has appeared on top magazines such as, Playboy, Life and Style, FHM, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and many more!

Undoubtedly, Kim is beautiful, family-oriented and a talented woman (owner of ShoeDazzle and Dash) which is the key aspects to success and happiness. However, if you look at any recent pictures of Kim then you will notice an obvious change in her looks which proves reports of plastic surgery to be truthful.  Recent pictures visibly show that Kim has undergone some medical treatment which makes her face look very different and gives her a plastic look!

Kim admits that she uses QuickTrim and anti-cellulite treatments for toning her body and the transformation of her face clearly shows there is some treatment done there too.  So, it is not possible for celebrities to be beautiful and sensuous without all these treatments and makeup?  Shouldn’t we look up to their surgeons and makeup artists for making them look beautiful?

Let me know what you think of the celebrities’ transformations and the large lumps of money spent for them to look beautiful!

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  • Kajol

    Hey :P Kim Kardashian’s head looks like it’s fitted on to a dolls body LOL. Great Post :P

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