7 Celebs With Exceptional Taste In Home Decor

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Some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities really know how to literally live it up in style. That’s because along with their awesome careers, they also have exceptionally great taste in home décor. Listed below are seven celebrities who have decorated their homes in high fashion and style.

1. Keri Russell

It seems this American actress and dancer knows precisely how to decorate in style. Her Brooklyn, New York brownstone is beautifully adorned in early twentieth century accents. Two stark white armchairs and a couch of matching color, surround an equally stark white fireplace located in the living room, giving the home a fresh, elegant look.

2. Cameron Diaz

Ms. Diaz is obviously no stranger to high fashion either; since her West Village, New York apartment is skillfully embellished with metal and glided accents that give the home upscale look. Even the guest bathroom is lavishly decked out in pink onyx.

3. Diane Keaton

Eye-catching brightly colored plates atop pure white cabinets with quaint glass doors are one of the many reasons Ms. Keaton’s Hollywood Spanish style home makes this list. Another reason is the huge library that features wall-to wall bookshelves full of all kinds of books and unique looking pottery.

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4. Adam Levine

Singer/Musician Adam Levine’s home located on the side of Bronson Canyon, features a gorgeously decorated living room with mid-century furnishings and a 1920s Persian rug. The thick burgundy curtains made of velvet are the perfect touch, as are the rosewood paneling that can be seen throughout the entire home.

5. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore considers herself a homemaker and most people that see the Montecito, California home would have to agree Ms. Barrymore’s formal dining room consists of gorgeous antiques and striking shearling rugs. The living room is filled with relaxed furniture, faux zebra hydes and is bordered with traditional, yet stylish, woodwork. Many of the windows in the home also feature elegant window treatments comparable to those found at www.sunburstshutters.com.

6. Christina Aguilera

This Beverly Hills Mediterranean-style mansion that once belonged to the Osbournes was chosen due to its mix of burlesque, gothic and contemporary styles. The home is unique in that it consists of a foyer with a lipstick red colored crystal chandelier and a nursery that contains an enormous crescent moon.

Photo Credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Ms. Parker’s home is last on the list by sequence only, because this Hollywood Hills house screams style with a living room featuring Dunbar-style velvet sofas, custom lacquered tables and an attractively decorated window seat in the corner. The dining room is also unique with its black iron-looking chairs made in different styles that surround a round white table.

These celebrities knew what they wanted and had a flair for getting it done. Some handled all the decorating themselves and others hired interior designers. Nevertheless, the outcome was the same; these famous folks have outstanding taste in home décor!

Author Bio: Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters.

Top Photo Credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc

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