63rd Cannes Film Festival: Ash & Deepika

CANNES is a prestigious film festival celebrated with the glamour of the beautiful celebrities, hype of the fans and a crowd of photographers.  It is an honour for Bollywood celebrities to be invited to the prestigious film festival and enjoy the limelight! This year at the CANNES, Deepika Padukone joined Aishwarya Rai and their beauty got cameras clicking to ensure they captured a picture of the Bollywood Queens.

Aishwarya Rai wore a western black sequence gown with vibrant red lipstick.  Whereas, Deepika Padukone dressed in an Indian sari designed by Rohit Bal with her hair tied back and simple make up.  Deepika stated on Santabanta website, ‘Sari is a very sensual garment and whenever people from other countries discuss about sari, they just say one word- Wow!’  It is certain that Deepika looks just ‘WOW’ in her sensuous look and personally, I believe Deepika Padukone looks better than Ash! Since, by wearing a sari then Deepika represents India in the International film festival, successfully.

Mostly, Ash’s appearance on the Red Carpet at the CANNES has been a Fashion- Faux Pa yet this time she does get it right but Deepika steals her limelight by wearing a sensuous sari which reflects her elegant beauty, showcases her toned stomach and back, and her simple hair style combines well with her outfit.

Personally, I do not like the vibrant red lipstick of Ash and she seems to be wearing too much make up which hides her naturally glamorous beauty.  Also, Ash looks quite dull, she should have showcased her beautiful eyes than her lips and she should have worn bigger earnings or even a small necklace!

What do you think of the Bollywood beauties appearance on the red carpet of CANNES?

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