6 Disney Child Stars Who Have Gone To Rehab

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Disney is the pinnacle of childhood happiness! When we think of childhood brand ambassadors for the company, we see wide-eyed and wide-grinned kids that are “living the dream.” But unfortunately, life doesn’t always stay this way for these child stars. There is for many, some light at the end of the tunnel. The following are six Disney child stars that have gone to rehab and made efforts to get their lives back on track:

Britney Spears

This mega super star who got her start as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club had a stint of problems in 2007, but entered rehab and has made changes for the better. She’s back on top and hasn’t missed a beat.

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Demi Lovato

Another example of a hard transition into life after Disney, Demi was taken to rehab after some problems surfaced in public. Not even of legal age to drink, she was using drugs and alcohol along with other personal problems. But now, she’s back in the spotlight and moving forward positively.

Photo Credit: johanferreira15 via photopin cc

Zac Efron

The star of High School Musical has done one or two stays in drug and alcohol rehab. Many have speculated that he turned to drugs and alcohol after lack luster career moves. Whether this is the case or not is unclear, but he has a willingness to better himself through rehab.

Photo Credit: Hot Rod Homepage via photopin cc

Lindsay Lohan

There’s few people that aren’t aware of Lindsay’s party girl persona. Since playing an adorable little girl(s) (don’t forget she was in the parent trap,) she’s had a hard time shaking the bad habits of drugs and alcohol. Although LiLo seems like a permanent resident of California rehabilitation facilities for all of the time that she spends there, we’re all hoping for a permanent comeback each and every time!

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Mischa Barton

Yes, this famous actress was in a Disney Channel movie “A Ring of Endless Light.” She did a stint in drug rehab and has come back bigger and better than ever!

Mackenzie Phillips

From the Disney Show “So Weird,” this actress went on Celebrity Rehab for cocaine and heroin possession in 2008. Welcome back to the real world Mackenzie…welcome back!

Many celebrities check into rehab clinics, and many are able to shake the habit and continue their lives. Regardless of their problems, having the courage or the court orders to treat their drug and alcohol addiction is commendable. We’re wishing on a star that rehab can help these Disney stars find their “happy ever after.”

Author Bio: Marlena Stoddard is a freelance writer who loves to write about fashion, movies and celebrity news.

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