6 Celebrities Who Have Fixed Their Weird Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, so in the celebrity world there is really no excuse for having bad teeth. Celebrities who can afford the most expensive dental work, from a full set of veneers to dental implant procedures, usually get it done, but not always immediately. Here are six celebrities who got photographed often enough before their dental work to prove to the world that their beautiful smiles weren’t always that way.

Zac Efron

The teen heartthrob had a rather pronounced gap between his front teeth before having a dental overhaul. The gap was sort of cute when he was younger, and might still be today, but the whitening treatment he also seems to have undergone was definitely a plus.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Her smile may be brighter now that her trial separation with husband Michael Douglas is over, but Catherine Zeta-Jones didn’t always have a smile to brag about. In her younger days she had short teeth with a lot of gaps.

Celine Dion

Before she had dental work done, Celine suffered from particularly pointed canine teeth. Apparently having decided that the vampire look didn’t work for her, she got them smoothed out.

David Bowie

The idea that people born in Great Britain are predisposed to having bad teeth is an old joke, and generally rubbish, but every once in awhile somebody like David Bowie comes along to give credence to the idea. Somewhere over the years, Mr. Bowie had something done to improve his smile dramatically. Today his teeth look so normal one wonders if they might be artificial.

Nicole Kidman

In the past, Nicole showed a lot of gum when she smiled. There are surgical procedures to correct this, and though her smile is still a bit gummy, it isn’t as much as it used to be.

Tom Cruise

If you want to see what Tom Cruise’s teeth looked like early in his career, just watch the movie “The Outsiders” from 1983. While those teeth worked for the character he played in the movie, they would never be acceptable for a big movie star. Misalignment, gaps, and yellowing were all corrected in a hurry.

Having bad teeth is nothing to be ashamed of, but neither is getting them fixed. The person who wears an unattractive smile is usually more bothered by it than anyone else, and celebrity or not, a great smile does wonders for self-esteem.

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