5 Worst Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas Of All Time


We all have that one hideous yearbook picture, and celebrities, with their high-profile lives and endless swarms of paparazzi, are even more suggestible to embarrassingly public fashion mistakes. Here are five of the worst faux pas in Hollywood history.

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1: Justin and Britney’s Denim Nightmare

In 2001, when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were the “it” couple of the red carpet, they attended the AMAs in matching denim outfits that had even the country stars laughing behind their hands. The ensembles were so hideous that Justin admitted, a full decade later, that he would “pay someone to get all those pictures off the internet.” Too late, sexy back!

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2: Rose McGowan Bares It All

What was she thinking? Rose McGowan let it all hang out with a see-through dress at the 1998 MTV Awards, and the results were disastrous. Only a thong preserved her modesty, leaving her breasts and backside completely bare. Critics went to town almost immediately, mocking her outfit, her taste and even her figure, and at the next awards show, Rose wore something a little less revealing.

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3: Tara Reid’s Nip Slip

2004’s most unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction” was definitely Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, which took place only a few months earlier than Tara’s. Janet, however, immediately recognized the mistake and covered herself up, whereas Tara continued to smile for the cameras a full ten seconds before someone pointed out the obvious. To this day opinions are divided as to whether or not the move was planned.

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4: Lady Gaga Pisses Off PETA

Another MTV Awards, another terrible dress. What is it about that brand that provokes such awful fashion mistakes? This time the culprit was Lady Gaga, and the outfit, the infamous meat dress, complete with a beefy head ornament and meat slabs for shoes. Gaga tried to claim that it was all to make a statement about the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell policy,” but somehow, we don’t believe her.

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5: Cher’s Big Bird Impression

The ’80s were a strange time, to be sure, but nothing excuses Cher’s black-feather addition to the hall of modern monstrosities. The real kicker is that the headdress is the only unforgivable part of her outfit; she was rocking magnificent sexy shoes and a risque but sexy midriff-bearing top. The headdress, however, took it out firmly out of the stratosphere of sexy and into the history books as one of the world’s worst fashion disasters. There’s a record for you, Cher!

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