5 Truths Behind Young Hollywood Actresses: What Happened?


The tabloids are full of stories detailing the antics of young Hollywood actresses who have gone off the deep end, shattering their lives and derailing successful careers. What causes this seemingly inevitable decline of Hollywood’s young starlets?

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1. The Cult of Cute

Many young actresses begin their careers as cute child stars. This is all well and good until they reach puberty, and job opportunities suddenly dwindle as they go through this awkward stage. While some manage to hold it together and still find work, many find themselves unemployed and often turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of losing successful careers.

2. Pressure

When most young people are at recess or the school dance, these young actresses are usually on a movie set, often for many hours at a time. Having such a stressful job at a young age can be both mentally and emotionally detrimental, not to mention missing out on many of the experiences of young life that most of us take for granted.

3. Too Much Parental Involvement

Many young actresses are the primary breadwinners for their families. This can lead to pushy stage parents forcing their daughters to work, even when they do not want to. Being compelled to work long hours can lead to emotional and physical breakdowns which may not appear until later in life.

4. Not Enough Parental Involvement

While some parents of young actresses are too involved in their daughters’ lives, the flip side is parents who are not involved enough. These parents fail to set limits when their daughters are first starting out, thereby allowing Hollywood to go to their heads when they do become successful. This leads to spoiled brat syndrome, where young actresses think that they can get away with whatever they like simply because they are famous.

5. Natural Teenage Rebellion

Most teenagers rebel at some point, whether it be sipping a beer or sneaking a cigarette every now and then. Unfortunately, successful young actresses are in the spotlight so much that they find it difficult to dabble in rebellion like so many other teenagers. When they do finally succumb to the temptation to rebel, it is often in spectacular fashion, leading to serious issues such as alcoholism or pain killer addiction.

While some young Hollywood actresses manage to avoid meltdowns, many struggle with the side effects of fame and fortune and find themselves on the front pages of tabloids, their faults and failings exposed for all to see.

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