5 Of The Studliest Men In The Grey’s Anatomy Series

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Despite plane crashes, crazed patients, and bomb scares, Grey’s Anatomy is a relaxing television show. Spending the night absorbed in this medical drama with good friends or a nice bottle of wine is a great way to end a long week. Part of the show’s charm is thanks to the handsome gentlemen the cast is filled with. Some of these studs have clearly been using products from The Art Of Shaving because they have fresh, kissable faces, while other guys look better with a little stubble.


Derek Shepherd is known as McDreamy for a reason, and no best-looking list is complete without him. This successful neurosurgeon has many good qualities, but it is easy to only pay attention to his blue eyes and dark locks. Fortunately for viewers, McDreamy has been part of the show since the very first season.


While Shepard is one of the best looking doctors, his ego cannot get too big when Mark Sloan is around. This hotshot cosmetic surgeon was quickly named McSteamy and often clashes with Shepard, but both men have their advantages. Shepard looks naturally disheveled while Sloan has groomed his facial hair to create a sexy, sophisticated look that works very well for him.

Henry Burton

Henry Burton made an impression on viewers because it is hard not to fall for this charming, down on his luck man who has to marry his doctor to get health insurance. His complicated relationship with Dr. Teddy Altman was short and bittersweet but is enjoyable because Henry Burton looks very appealing for a dying man.

Nurse Eli

It takes a special guy to get tough, intimidating Dr. Bailey to steal some private time in an exam room, but Eli Lloyd is perfect for the job. He is competent enough to assist Dr. Bailey in medical procedures but is also fun, flirty, and hot enough to get her to unleash her wild side.

Avery Jackson

Though he is one of the newest additions to the main cast, Avery Jackson is a loyal, outspoken young doctor who quickly meshes with his fellow interns. His dark skin and sweet smile are irresistible, and he is a sight to behold both when sporting a beard or clean-shaven.

The women of Grey’s Anatomy often get into tangled love triangles and must decide who really holds their hearts. Fortunately, fans do not have to pick a favorite and are free to enjoy all the studs Grey’s Anatomy offers.

Author Bio: A recent college graduate from University of San Francisco, Anica Oaks is breaking her way into freelance writing. She has already done articles for a variety of industries, ranging from technology to beauty to health. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related.

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