5 Famous Celebrities That You Really Shouldn’t Use As Role Models

From movie stars to high-profile athletes, they all have the ability to keep us entertained. Unfortunately, every celebrity is not best suited as a role model. Although some celebrities live a very upstanding lifestyle, there are others that are more known for their mischievous behavior. Here are five famous celebrities that you should not use as role models.

Charlie Sheen

Although Charlie Sheen is known as a charming ladies man, he will never be nominated for the role model of the year award. With a past that consists of alleged drug abuse and violence, Charlie Sheen has had his fair share of arrests. While there is no denying his talent as an actor, youngsters should avoid emulating his off-camera antics.

Mel Gibson

With legendary movies such as “Braveheart” and “Lethal Weapon” under his belt, Mel Gibson is a proven talent. In the real world, Mel Gibson is also known as a sexist and an alcoholic. To make matters worse, he is also a know racist and a hater anti-Semite. These are definitely not desirable traits to have as a role model.

Tiger Woods

Once revered as the greatest golfer ever, Tiger’s reputation as a good guy has taken quite a hit in the last few years. Tiger Woods is the true definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While cheating on your wife is never a good thing, having multiple affairs with various women makes it even worse. Tiger Woods also has a tendency to spout foul language on the golf course and his temper is known to get the best of him.

Lindsay Lohan

With a very successful acting and singing career, the beautiful Lindsay Lohan has been able to acquire millions of fans. Nevertheless, Ms. Lohan has lived a very troubled adult life. Not only does she have a history of drug abuse, Lindsay has also been arrested for drunk driving on several occasions. For this reason, if you ever see Lindsey driving a motor vehicle, you may be in need of a local DUI defense attorney in Encinitas.

Paul Ruedens

It’s hard to believe that this guy actually got arrested for performing obscene acts in public. Paul Ruedens, who played the character of Pee Wee Herman, entertained millions of children on his popular show. Sadly, the persona that he exhibited on television was a far cry from his actual lifestyle. He was regularly spotted at pornographic theaters, and was arrested on more than one occasion for lewd public behavior.

For young people that are seeking a role model, they should choose their celebrity idols very wisely. Some celebrities should probably only be sought out for their ability to provide great entertainment, rather than their examples as great moral characters.

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