5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Silver Screeners

Mickey Rourke’s Boxing Career

Mickey Rourke was considered one of the best-looking leading men in Hollywood during the 1980s, but a venture into the world of professional boxing changed that. Rourke once was a promising amateur boxer with an impressive 13-0 record before changing careers and becoming a successful actor. In 1991, 37-year-old Rourke returned to the boxing ring and fought several professional fights, which disfigured his face and altered his formerly good looks.

James Earl Jones Stuttered

Having one of the most iconic voices in film history, actor James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader and a popular narrator. Yet, as a young boy, Jones was afflicted with a very bad stuttering problem and hardly spoke for an eight-year period. He stuttered so badly that Sunday school members laughed as he attempted read Bible lessons. A sympathetic English teacher and poet helped Jones to overcome his speech impediment and become one of the most loved voices by the International Academy of Film and Television.

Sean Connery Competed for Mr. Universe Title

Before becoming possibly the best James Bond ever, Sean Connery was an athlete and bodybuilder. Starting at age 18, Connery was a bodybuilder and competed in the 1953 Mr. Universe competition. Connery eventually changed careers, partly due to losses to competitors from the United States, who Connery said had an advantage of not competing in muscle-depleting sports, such as Connery’s beloved English football.

Marilyn Monroe Helped Boost Ella Fitzgerald’s Singing Career

One of the most iconic sex symbols in the history of film, Marilyn Monroe helped integrate Hollywood nightclubs while helping all-time jazz great Ella Fitzgerald break the color barrier at the famous Mocambo Club. An avid fan of the multi-octave singer, Monroe managed to get Fitzgerald a week-long gig at the club, which previously did not allow black acts. Monroe agreed to sit in the front row during Fitzgerald’s performances, which club owners knew would draw crowds and extensive publicity.

Johnny Depp Encouraged to Act by Nicolas Cage

Johnny Depp was an aspiring rock singer before becoming one of the most popular actors in modern film history. He changed careers after a Monopoly game with Nicolas Cage and others. Cage suggested Depp change careers to acting and gave Depp his agent’s number. Depp scheduled an appointment to read for the acting agent, who quickly scheduled a successful audition for the future film star and heartthrob of countless female fans.

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