5 Celebrities Begging To Be Robbed Blind

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Celebrities do everything big. Dropping serious cash on everything from clothing and jewelry to cars and yachts is nothing out of the ordinary for Hollywood’s most elite. Luxury mansions are among the priciest items being bought by A-list stars, but since most of them are on the road all the time, those multi-million dollar pads are sitting ducks for determined home invaders. Here are five celebs who are just asking to be robbed of everything they have.

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1. 50 Cent

Rap superstar and entrepreneur extraordinaire Curtis Jackson, known by the stage name 50 Cent, owns a $10 million mansion in Connecticut. The home features a whopping 52 rooms, so you can just imagine the kinds of parties he hosts. During the pinnacle of his fame, Jackson wore a bulletproof vest every time he left the house because he had become filthy rich in a relatively short amount of time and made many enemies who wanted what he had. Unfortunately, mansions can’t wear body armor, but he’d benefit greatly from home security monitoring.

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2. Petra Ecclestone

Petra is the heiress to the billion dollar Formula One fortune, and she’s already dropped $85 million on a custom mansion that houses everything she’d ever want under a roof. Notable areas of the home include a bowling alley, gift-wrapping room, and even a private nightclub. With all the gadgets Petra has in there, Vivint home automation would make it much easier for her to manage everything from a single control center. However, the residence is a burglar’s dreamland and would need an excellent security system too.

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3. Christina Aguilera

This genie in a bottle is an accomplished singer known for her soulful vocals, and this success has earned her a lot of money over time. Aguilera lives in an $11.5 million mansion equipped with an elaborate home salon for everyday pampering. Considering how hard she works, relaxing in her pricey pad is crucial to her continued success.

4. Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the hardest working men in Hollywood, but when he’s not filming, he hangs out at the $20 million home in California. Having been in the music industry during his early years, Smith still has a passion for dope sounds. He still spits rhymes from time to time in his private recording studio.

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5. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is well-known for her “assets,” and among them include a $10 million pad in the Hamptons. You can catch her chilling poolside wrapped in shiny rocks from head to toe. The glare from her diamonds is like a signal light for robbers notifying them that it’s time for a free-for-all.

The lives of the rich and famous are bedazzled in glitter and gold, but they’re not the only ones who want it all. Thieves target wealthy people for a reason, so home security is very important for celebs if they don’t want to lose their most valuable things.

Author Bio: Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters.

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