5 Celebrities And Their Unbelievably Extravagant Hobbies

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Maybe the thing we love about celebrities the most is seeing what they do with all that money. Very few people will ever have millions of dollars to play around with, and famous people give us a chance to live vicariously through their purchases. Here’s how five celebrities choose to spend their bucketfuls of cash.

Patrick Dempsey’s Race Cars

When it comes to fast moving vehicles, Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey prefers to stay on the ground. He races his own cars both for fun and in competitions. He even co-owns a racing team, but that’s just the beginning. Dempsey has a handful of other expensive hobbies, too, including collecting antiques and remodeling houses.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Car Collection

Some reports say the comedian behind the hit 90s show Seinfeld has nearly 50 Porsches of his own. He has even rented an airport hangar to store all his cars in! Imagine walking through what looks like a parking lot and owning every single one of those cars! The most expensive of his vehicles is a $700,000 special edition Porsche. Another star of his collection is a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder painted gray—an exact replica of the car James Dean was driving when he crashed and was killed.

Harrison Ford’s Airplanes

Getting a pilot’s license and renting a plane is expensive by itself, but buying Trade a Plane airplanes of your very own is where you really start racking up the bills. Not surprisingly, lots of celebrities enjoy flying. Star Wars legend Harrison Ford takes to the skies regularly in his own personal helicopter. A few years ago, he even helped some stranded hikers get to safety. If you’re thinking of following his example, you can check out sites like trade-a-plane.com.

Michael Jordan’s Gambling

When poor people play cards, it’s called an addiction. When rich people do it, it’s called a hobby. Michael Jordan has always has had an interest in gambling, even before he retired from the court. He has been seen playing at casinos as well as making casual bets with friends and teammates. More than a few bets he’s won, though, have been set ups. He loves to play, but he doesn’t always play fair.

Celine Dion’s Shoes

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that diva Celine Dion is crazy about shoes. How crazy? Imagine 3,000 pairs! Most people couldn’t fit that many shoes in their whole bedrooms, much less in just one closet. The singer explains that some of the shoes aren’t even in her size.

Author Bio: Rose McKellen is a freelance writer from Austin, TX. She enjoys exploring the music scene in her hometown as well as doing outside activities with family and friends.

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