5 Awesome Examples Of Great Celebrity Beards

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The clean cut look is out and beards are in. The dream of the 1890s isn’t just alive in Portland; it’s everywhere. 19th-century beards and mustaches have begun sprouting up all over the country. Celebrities vie with each other for the coolest look. Here are five stars who have mastered the mustache.

Kerry King

Few celebrities can achieve the pure epicness of the Slayer guitarist’s perfectly maintained beard. Like a shimmering waterfall, it ripples down his black-clad chest as he shreds in songs like “Reign in Blood” and “Hell Awaits”. And if the glorious mass of King’s beard isn’t enough to impress, he daringly bunches it up with rubber bands to achieve a more streamlined look.

Johnny Depp

Long before bearded hipsters swung fashion trends in a hairier direction, Johnny Depp coolly rocked his signature goatee. He braided it and added beads for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. This astonishingly only increased his cool quotient. Other celebrities like Brad Pitt have lamely tried to follow in his footsteps, but have failed miserably.

Ray LaMontagne

King of sonorous folk rock, Ray LaMontagne is as notorious for his luxuriant brown beard as for his extreme shyness. Perhaps the reticent singer developed his noteworthy beard to hide behind. Whatever the case, he could definitely double as a mountain man in his time off from touring. After all, he did once build a log cabin with his own hands.

The Red Sox

In their bid for the World Series championship in 2013, eight different starters on the Boston Red Sox formed a pact that they wouldn’t shave their beards until they grasped the coveted ring. Catchers Jarrod Saltalamacchia and David Ross sported the most impressive beards on the team. Their superstitious facial hair was a hit with Red Sox supporters, who began growing chin shrubbery of their own. Meanwhile, their wives purchased The Art of Shaving gift certificates for some early Christmas presents.

Hashim Amla

In the world of cricket, no one has a more awe-inspiring beard than batsman Hashim Amla. A devout Muslim, Amla brandishes a sumptuous and mullah-worthy beard. The contrast with his shiny bald head is pretty daring. One of the top-ranked batsmen in the world, Amla brings a dash of hairy style to the South Africa national team. Onlookers like Australian cricketer Dean Jones may not appreciate his magnificent facial hair, but Hashim Amla’s Beard Appreciation Group begs to differ.

There’s a lot of competition from mustache-minded stars in the entertainment industry. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, celebrities can cultivate facial hair that would impress the hairiest lumberjack.

Author Bio: Tricia Borren is a mother from Beverly Hills, California, who enjoys blogging in her spare time!

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