4 Shocking And Infamous Celebrity Arrests

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You would think that once people reach a certain level of fame, when everything seems to be handed to them on a silver platter, they would find it totally needless to get into trouble. The problem with that thinking is that for as long as people have been celebrities, for one reason or another, they have gotten into trouble. Maybe it’s true that they might not get into trouble any more often than anyone else, but their fame makes it seem that way. Either way, what follows is the four most infamous celebrity arrests.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Perhaps the mother of all shocking arrests came on June 14, 1989 when Zsa Zsa Gabor was stopped by Beverly Hills police officer Paul Kramer for a traffic violation and ended up slapping him across the face. Perhaps nobody told her that doing things like that are illegal, and manners aside, that was only the beginning of the circus that followed. She was initially sentenced to community service, some of the time of which she ultimately spent putting on her makeup, so ultimately she ended up doing jail time and called it quits.

Martha Stewart

Heavens. First to think that such a sweet lady could end up in legal trouble, then to go to jail for insider trading. It kind of makes you wonder what kind of brownies she’s making. But the real trick in all of this is how she spun such a remarkable and complete comeback after all of it was over. Fresh baked crumpets anyone?

Photo Credit: Matthew Straubmuller via photopin cc

Michael Vick

Pro football players who get into trouble and end up in the slammer are old news, but when Michael Vick was arrested and spent 21 months in prison for being part of an interstate dog fighting ring, that’s something new. According to a Wichita Falls Texas Criminal Lawyer, Vick’s annual income between his salary and endorsements at the time of his arrest were around $25.4 million. Perhaps that wasn’t enough to help him get by—hence his need to take a second job.

Fred Willard

So maybe Fred Willard isn’t the only guy to ever be caught with his pants down at an adult movie theater–anybody remember Pee Wee Herman?–but at 73 you would think that such a memorable event gives a story like this enough absurdity to catapult it into infamy. He later described the incident as “very painful”–it should be, he lost his PBS gig over it–and “very embarrassing,” but that he “did nothing wrong.” Willard was ultimately not charged, but was required to take a $380 sex education diversion program. But “diverted” to what?

Most celebrities aim to entertain the public through their singing, acting, performances, etc, however, it’s often much more entertaining to merely watch them try to live their lives. Yes, we all make mistakes. But not all our mess ups end up on E! News or the cover of People Magazine. And thank goodness for that.

Author Bio: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who writes for business, finance, women’s interests, and the home niches. Dixie lives in Arizona with her husband and three daughters.

Top Photo Credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc

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