10 Men Of Hollywood With Iconic Facial Hair

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When it comes to being a man, many will agree that it’s all about facial hair. Whether it’s a beard or a mustache, many will whip out luxury razor blades by The Art of Shaving in hopes of achieving glory by grooming the hair on their face. Celebrities have provided a great deal of inspiration. Take a look at ten men of Hollywood with iconic facial hair.

Clark Gable

Clark Gable had it all. With his dashing good looks and charm, ladies were swooning at his feet and men wanted to be just like him. His neatly trimmed mustache took the prize.

Photo Credit: Alan Light via photopin cc

Burt Reynolds

With the mischievous gleam in his eye, an amazing laugh, and an incredible smile, Burt Reynolds couldn’t be beat. Everyone loved the Bandit’s mustache.

Photo Credit: Alan Light via photopin cc

Tom Selleck

Look back at the days of “Magnum P.I.” and everyone wanted Tom Selleck’s mustache. He has sported it many times since, in “Friends” and currently on “Blue Bloods.”

Photo Credit: Alan Light via photopin cc

Richard Pryor

As one of the kings of comedy, no one could forget the mustache that graced the face of Richard Pryor. We could always count on a good laugh in every film or stand-up routine.

Photo Credit: CleveredFool.com via photopin cc

Chuck Norris

This action hero takes it up a notch by sporting a beard as well. No one could picture Chuck without his facial hair. It’s part of his tough image.

Photo Credit: simononly via photopin cc

Hulk Hogan

Hogan is best known for wrestling, but has appeared on television programs and films as well. A familiar face, his long, blonde mustache is unforgettable.

Photo Credit: The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center via photopin cc

Sam Elliott

Star of westerns and action films for decades, Sam Elliott’s mustache has been a trademark. His hair turned gray at a relatively young age, yet the hair on his face just gets better.

Photo via: www.youtube.com

Mr. T

Star of the “A-Team” and taking roles in films, no one can forget Mr. T. With his abundance of gold and muscles, everyone noticed the beard as well. The hair missing on his head may have been partially to blame.

Photo Credit: Calum Gilchrist via en.wikipedia.org cc

Brian Blessed

A great name in Britain, Brian Blessed has been a part of such films as “Flash Gordon” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” His full beard and mustache are quite memorable, along with great acting.

Photo Credit: Dave Nelson via photopin cc

The Duck Commander Crew

One would be remiss to forget the Robertson clan. They might be surrounded by controversy at the present, but their long beards can’t be denied.

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