Hollywood’s 5 Most Formidable Characters


Movies exist so that we can experience and relate to a fantasy world. These films are home to some of the toughest and coolest characters out there. Whether male or female, the following characters are renowned for being strong and prone to destroying everything in their wake. Here are Hollywood’s top five most formidable film characters.

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5 TV Shows With Skeletons In The Closet: Dark Secrets Revealed


While TV shows are source of entertainment for a lot of people, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that would shock us all. Some TV shows have inspired real life crimes to happen while other TV shows have had to make changes due to dark circumstances regarding some of the actors. Whatever the case, some TV shows have very dark pasts. Here are the five TV shows with skeletons in the closet.

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5 Celebrities Plagued By Crazed And Obsessive Fans


Over-excited fans, who often become stalkers, have been a problem for celebrities for many years. However, the problem seems to have gotten worse in the past 20 years. While some of these people are simply huge fans that would never harm the celebrities, other people are much more dangerous. This article will look at five celebrities who have been forced to deal with unwanted attention from their fans.

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5 Innovative Movie Websites That Break the Mould


Times have changed in Hollywood. Once upon a time all a successful movie needed was a good television marketing campaign and maybe a pair of thumbs-up from two movie critics who shall remain nameless. Today, even a great movie may fail if it doesn’t have a good web presence with a good multimedia marketing campaign. Most movies just stick with good, but here are some movies whose promotions rocketed past good, deep into great.

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