4 Celebrities Reveal Their Ultimate In-Flight Playlists


They’re constantly jetting all over the world to the envy of us mere mortals, as we covetously flick through endless tabloid snaps of beach bodies and wild nights out. But with all that travel comes a lot of downtime.

We know ourselves that even a couple of hours’ flight can leave you climbing the cabin walls for something to do, read, watch or listen to. Whilst Spotify have released their ultimate in-flight playlist for the nervous flyer, featuring the likes of self-confessed ‘bad-flyer’ Adele, we wonder what the celebs themselves choose to listen to.

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Top 10 Greatest South African Movies


In recent years, the South African film industry has emerged as a dynamic and creative movement, ready to compete with the giants of the film industry on a global scale. With Nigeria spearheading the drive – their low-budget, sometimes low-quality films have amassed a cult-following – the industry, dubbed ‘Nollywood’, currently has an estimated turnover of $250m.

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